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Hello and welcome to the ultimate website of all things Linda Lovelace!

I have been collecting memorabilia on the original porn starlet for years, and what with the renewed interest in all things porno chic and a couple of biog films in production, I decided it was time to create my own tribute to the lady that made the world GULP!

Linda Lovelace was THE symbol of sexual revolution in the 1970s. The star that not only let it all hang out, but revelled in the philosophy that if something is worth doing its worth doing again, and again, and again! She was liberated woman in her most extreme form. When her first feature film “Deep Throat” was adopted by the chic New York film & theatre crowd she was pornography’s biggest coup – a young, fresh face sexy siren who was courted by the rich and famous, became a face within the Playboy empire and an ambassador of an industry which was starting to move from underground to mainstream. Whoever knew that sex films could be so much fun! Different projects were being thrown at her and she was sought out by publishers and film makers alike. All this came to a unforeseeable conclusion when she wrote the 1981 book “Ordeal” about this unreal period of her life, revealing to the world that she was an unwilling victim in the whole Lovelace hurricane. A pawn in porn. She bit off the hand that fed her and became an outspoken critic on the industry, relentless in her persecution of pornography. She married and became a wife and mother, turning her back on her household name and living the rest of her life in Colorado until her untimely death in 2002.
During her busiest period from 1972 at the height of Deep Throat infamy, through to 1976 after the release of her final film “Linda Lovelace For President”, she was one of the most written about stars in the world and appeared on news stands and television shows worldwide. Within my website you will find photographs, magazines, newspapers, and tons of rare unseen memorabilia, with the aim being to show you just how far and wide her popularity reached. Appearances at the Oscar ceremonies and the Ascot racecourse in England, from Playboy centrefold to Esquire cover girl, from sucking off Al Goldstein in her first “Screw” interview to appearing on magazine covers with Marvin Gaye, to say she was overexposed would be an understatement!
I have also created a page dedicated to her first husband Chuck Traynor – the infamous suitcase pimp that moulded ‘Linda Boreman’ into ‘Linda Lovelace’ with fists and threats. As much as he was hated and reviled, Chuck played just an important part in the porno revolution of the 70s as she did. Not much is seen or heard about him apart from numerous post Ordeal interviews that Linda gave, and he passed away the same year as her, but I have put together a nice selection in his gallery of super-rare photographs and magazine interviews.
I hope you enjoy looking through the website, please feel free to publish comments wherever you wish, and don’t forget to become a regular visitor as my aim is to keep the site fresh with regular memorabilia updates and blog posts.

- Mark Cox

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